How much does it cost to tow a vehicle in San Diego Area?

street flatbed tow truck

It is very simple and clear to calculate a tow cost to transport your vehicle from a breakdown or accident location to its final destination. Most companies have very similar pricing structure and San Diego towing rates does not vary much. Usually there is a hook-up fee and rate per mile towed.

Hook-up fee is a fixed charge for loading and unloading a vehicle. Loading or hooking-up includes loading on to the flatbed or grabbing car by the wheels, tying down and securing car on to the tow truck.

After your car is hooked you will be charged for the loaded mileage traveled while transporting your car to a repair shop.

You should not be charged for miles the tow provider had to travel to get to your location or coming back to their tow yard.

To answer your question how much does a tow truck cost for local tow? It ranges from $75 to $90 for a average 3-6 mile tow in San Diego Area. Give us a call (619) 419-6177 we will be happy to help you get your car towed across town or just couple block over to a local mechanic. San Diego towing rates may vary among towing companies, but not by much. It is better to know that your vehicle is towed properly and well taken care of. When choosing tow company – “Reliable and Honest” always wins over “Super Cheap”.

Our prices are listed here as follows:

Hook-up + per mile. Call 24/7 for free quote.

Hourly Rate for vehicle recovery jobs like winch-out and equipment transportation. Call 24/7 for free quote.


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